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Spider Vein Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“Last month  I went into the Cambridge office for the “VeinGogh”  treatment for the unsightly spider veins on my nose and cheeks.  The results were amazing!  The treatment is no worse than a  burning sensation and the resulting slight “cat scratches”  disappear within a week.   What emerges is clear, blemish free skin where the veins were.  The veins I had for years were gone and I couldn’t be happier.”

“For the smaller spider veins my doctor recommended VeinGogh- a relatively painless procedure and NO compression stockings afterward! It was so easy I actually sat through multiple sessions in one afternoon! Every day my legs look and feel better and I have been exercising pain-free and have even been getting my suntan back! “

“I had hundreds of spider veins on my legs that for over 10 years other doctors used sclerotherapy on and my veins never disappeared. Dr. Canete used VeinGogh and finally after many years my spider veins are disappearing.”