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New device treats spider veins with radio frequencies

Got Spider Vein? Use VeinGogh!

Treatment For Spider, Varicose Veins, Mercy Medical Center Baltimore

VeinGogh- ‘Bristle’ Needle

Using the new ‘Bristle’ needle by VeinGogh

Using Vein Gogh to remove spider veins with icepak

Treatment of cutaneous AV Fistula Using VeinGogh

Micro-phlebectomy, sclerotherapy & ohmic thermolysis in one setting

VeinGogh Thermolysis system for treatment of spider veins

Goodman Vein and Laser Center

 AJ from Kix 100.9 @ Goodman Vein & Laser

 goodman vein & laser – VeinGogh

Palisades Med Spa – VeinGogh

Treating Spider Vein with VeinGogh

#VeinGogh to treat #spider veins performed by Dr. Ron Bush