Doctors Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Ron Bush, MD, FACS, vascular surgeon, Dayton OH

“Once I added VeinGogh to my practice I was able to clear nearly any vessel remaining after other treatments. My costs went down and my patients’ satisfaction went way up.”

Peggy Bush, APN, CNS, MSN

“We use the VeinGogh daily in our clinics in Florida! Works excellent on small red veins on the face and legs.”

Dr. Michael L. Metzger, MD, FACC

“The VeinGogh system provides a new, minimally invasive approach to treat a more diverse spectrum of spider veins while potentially minimizing ongoing needs for chemical sclerotherapy injections”

Dr. Joel Gotvald, MD, FACS, RPVI

“This is a revolutionary new treatment for facial veins, and a long needed supplement to sclerotherapy for very small spider veins. The treatments require no anesthesia, causes little discomfort, and leaves no bruising. Return to normal activities is possible immediately.”

Susan Banks RN

“I have been using VeinGogh in conjunction with sclerotherapy. VeinGogh is the perfect tool to use for the “finishing” touches and clean up of the fine, wispy, spider veins that are too tiny to inject, but big enough they are not aesthetically pleasing to my patients.”

Dr. Mark A. Schwartz MD, FACS, RPVI Lake Success, N.Y.

“We have been using VeinGogh almost exclusively on telangiectasias, but since we began using the new bristle tips on the legs, we have seen amazing results. It is now our go-to treatment for those patients with residual, small, recalcitrant vessels after sclerotherapy treatment.”

Dr. Shapira – First State Vein and Laser, Newark, DE

“We are very happy with the new VeinGogh with Bristle technology, it has proven itself even more effective for veins too small for me to inject, and we use it every day in our practice.”

Dr. Luke Maj, MD, MHA

“I use the VeinGogh in my practice on a daily basis. The device is suited best to treat smaller veins on the legs. It allows for treatment of more sensitive areas, such as addressing spider veins around the lower ankles and around the knees. VeinGogh is a minimally invasive technique that involves little or no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is safe for any skin type and takes just a few minutes to complete Results begin to appear immediately after a treatment and continue to improve over a number of days or weeks. It’s an integral part of our vein practice.“