CryoIQ PRO Gynecology device with extra Dermatology Tip

CryoIQ PRO Gynecology device with extra Dermatology Tip

$ 1,270.00

CryoIQ PRO Gynecology device with
1 dermatology tip D2, L=22 mm, spray freezing Ø7-18 mm
1 gynecology tip, 5°, L=130 mm, spray freezing Ø9-22 mm
1 PRO body with lever
1 gas cartridge N2O 25 gram
1 case for storage
1 user guide A6 size


The CryoIQ® is portable, compact, handheld cryosurgical device which delivers the fine spray with pinpoint accuracy to the lesion at a constant freezing temperature of -89° C/-128°F with a 725psi/ 50 bar freezing power. A skin lesion treatment with the state of the art CryoIQ® is fast, safe, effective, low-cost, and no anesthetics are needed. The instrument either uses a fixed applicator for the most common treatment options or offers the choice of a wide range of applicators to be used for a more extensive variety in treatment options.

The CryoIQ® uses disposable nitrous oxide cartridges which allows the practitioner to have the device readily available for use at all time, hassle-free, no pre-treatment preparation time needed as required with the use of canisters, liquid nitrogen and other modalities.

The CryoIQ® innovation in cryotherapy makes it possible to treat a broad range of benign and premalignant skin conditions by a simple spray application onto the lesion instead of touching a genital wart with the applicator.

The advantages of incorporating the intelligent cryotherapy solution of CryoIQ® in your practice:

  • Low cost per treatment, low investment for the device
  • No pain involved due the combination of accuracy, freezing temperature and freezing power.
  • Fast, effective treatment in a busy practice environment
  • Portable, compact to bring to multiple treatment settings
  • No preparation time needed
  • Anesthesia optional, not required
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Safe procedure
  • Low risk of infection
  • No bleeding
  • No work or sport restrictions


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