Testimonials from The Art of Micro-Phlebology

  • “I enjoyed your symposium.”

    William Bowers, Pinella Park, Florida
  • “One of the best one-day ‘seminars,’ I have attended (and I have attended a lot!)”

    Rafael Diaz-Yoserev, MD, FACS, Miami, Florida
  • “This course has exceeded all others because of these files accessible to us all after these sessions have been completed. Best conference I have ever attended! Kudos to Peggy and Ron.”


    Danelo Canete, Waipahu, HI
  • “I want to thank you for putting on a great conference, the Micro Phlebology Symposium at West Palm Beach Florida, Jan 23, 2016.  The conference was a great success in my opinion.  I truly enjoyed it and want to comment on the Symposia.   There were great lectures all day from newest techniques for treating Spider and Reticular Veins to treating Facial Veins and Hand Veins with great “cosmetic results” and patient outcomes.  The presentations were filled with a lot of excellent information benefitting everyone from the newer phlebologist to the very experienced veteran phlebologists.  Dr. Bush’s interaction during many questions and answers with the audience of about 100-120 attendees allowed a lot of valuable information to be earned from foundational principles to the newest, advanced phlebology knowledge. Dr. Ron Bush and his wife Peggy’s tremendous efforts rewarded the attendees by hosting a very enjoyable and excellent conference.  The accommodations, the conference site, the food, and curriculum of the conference were all excellent, top rated.  The noon lunch included a lecture for additional learning.  Dr. Bush and course lecturers made themselves available for lots of questions between lectures and breaks.  I will be at the next symposium Dr. Bush holds and would strongly recommend the course of Micro- Phlebology as highly beneficial for all attendees. I want to thank Dr. Bush and his wife Peggy and the staff at Vein Experts for a great CME Micro-Phlebology course.  I want to thank the industry companies that were present at the conference.  I was able to connect with some great phlebology companies.  I purchased some technology that will really benefit my patients after Dr. Bush’s lectures and slides showing before and after results using the technologies’ he uses every day. He demonstrated what a great value it adds to a practice.  Valuable knowledge and information for sure.”


    Ronnie Smalling, MD FACC, Overland Park, Kansas
  • “I found the conference to be very informative, substantive & interesting.”


    Larisse Lee, MD, Sherman Oaks, California
  • “We really enjoyed the seminar!”


    Dr. Rudy & Rhonda Guerrero, Weslaco, Texas
  • “We had a great time at the conference! Congratulations on the success of your program!”


    Dr. Mark & Didi Rayman, El Segundo, California
  • “This was one of the best conferences Ever. Every minute of each presentation was important and relevant. Dr. Bush and his lovely Wife, Peggy Bush are nothing short of amazing. They made everyone feel so welcomed. I personally felt we have known each other forever. Thanks for an amazing and unforgettable experience.”

    Razieh Mohseni, MD, Concord, Ohio
  • “You guys did an excellent symposium and I enjoyed it immensely!”


    Renato Berroya, MD, Port Washington, New York
  • “Accommodation (lecture hall) and food was excellent! Working with Colleen and Katie Myers was refreshing!” “I loved the ‘low key’ atmosphere of the conference. Dr. & Mrs. Bush….the genuine article.’ Sharing knowledge is a gift!”


    Joni Thompson, PAC, Punta Gorda, Florida
  • “Excellent and useful session”

    Richard Basile, MD, FACS, Pittsfield, Massachusetts